Our concept in details

We, Marie and Delphine, two mothers of 3.5 kids (the fourth one is currently en route 😉 ), once sat together and discussed childcare and that we haven’t yet found our ideal way of childcare.

In fact, we want the best for our kids, like all mums and dads out there.

Hence we thought why not make childcare educational? Adding real value by someone taking care of your kids whilst teaching them new skills.

And here we are: We founded Linkids with the idea of doing exactly what we were missing. Educational childcare or simply: Childcare reimagined; in the form of workshops.

And on top of that, to not only create a win for parents but also for the ones who lecture, we thought about students as the ones who should be leading these workshops.

We’ve all been there; all of us have been students and receiving some money back in these days always has been very much appreciated. But finding the right balance between a small job and studies is not easy. We believe that an ideal student job would combine a good salary, a pleasant job, flexible working time and not too many hours to keep some time to study and to have fun.

So, we created a win-win; for you parents getting high-quality education for your kids and for the students who can share their passion by earning an above-market salary and being in full control of their weekly agenda.

After school, at weekends or during the holidays, whatever the personality of your child, we’ll find the right activity that will stimulate and awaken your kids’ senses (for kids from 4 to 13 years old).

Initially planned as face-to-face activities, Covid-19 interrupted our plans so that we pivoted to a 100% online format for the time being.

This means that your kids can enjoy our workshops in a totally secure environment, at home, whilst our Linksitters (the name we chose for our employed students) lead the workshops. And you can focus on work during that time.

Our students are handpicked. We selected the best students from top universities, all passionate with the idea to share their skills and knowledge with kids.

For now we offer Coding (Scratch and Python), Arts (Drawing and Crafts), Theatre, Creative Writing, Fun Mathematics, Languages, and Science Experiments. You can register here

We hope you will enjoy and join the journey.

Meet you soon

Marie & Delphine